Mario E. Poblete social scientist

I (1980) was born into a family composed by 3 children and my father, a pastry cook, and my mother, an engineer, in a city located in central Chile. This city was really a small town founded in the 18th Century as Melipilla, which is composed by two Mapuche sounds: meli and pillañ, which in mapudungun or Mapuche language means four ancestral spirits… read more.

In a nutshell, my education and work:

I am PhD (Complutense University of Madrid), MA and BA in Sociology (Catholic University of Chile). Currently, I am Posdoctoral Fellow at The Center for Social Theory (Department of Sociology, Ghent University, Belgium).

And my current research interests are:

Methods: historical sociology, discourse analysis, and mixed methods. Theoretical approaches: cultural sociology, sociology of the life-world, and social systems theory. Main topics: populism, Latin American history, Chilean education, indigenous peoples in Chile.

My last publication is:

Poblete, M. (2020). “El código inclusión/exclusión y la persistencia de integración en el populismo latinoamericano” (Spanish). In MAD, (43), 47-59. doi: 10.5354/0718-0527.2020.60651. Download here.

My most-quoted article is:

Poblete, M. (2015) “How to assess populist discourse through three current approaches” (English). In Journal of Political Ideologies, 20(1), 201-218. Download here.