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Peer reviewed articles (9)

• “The code inclusion/exclusion and the persistence of integration in Latin American populism” (Spanish).  In MAD (43), 47-59. Indexed: WoS, Scopus. PDF

• “How to assess populist discourse through three current approaches” (English). In Journal of Political Ideologies, 20(1), 201-218. Indexed: WoS, Scopus. PDF

• “Theatres in the intimate Chile of the 20th Century. A sociological approach from a local history” (Spanish). In Revista Atenea N°512, 285-302. Co-author: J. Saavedra. Indexed: WoS, Scielo, HAPI, Red ALyC. PDF

• “Toward a conceptualization of the parliamentary research’s impact on legislative process” (Spanish). In Revista Chilena de Derecho Parlamentario 50+1, Spring (3), 92-109. Co-authors: N. Martínez y J. Ugalde. Indexed: Latindex. PDF

• “Governance and functional differentiation under complex social systems. An approach to Latin America” (Spanish). In Revista de Ciencias Sociales (CL), (26), 25-37. Indexed: e-revist@s, HAPI, Latindex, Red ALyC. PDF

• “The latent boundaries of La Concertación: re-translations of religious cleavege” (Spanish). In Colección, (21), 115-152. Indexed: Latindex. PDF

• “Between conflict and cohesion. Ethical consensus of post-authoritarian party coalitions in Chile” (Spanish). In Revista del CLAD Reforma y Democracia, (46), 123-174. Indexed: WoS, Scopus, Clase, Latindex. PDF

• “Political representation in Niklas Luhmann’s sociological theory” (Spanish). In Studia Politicæ, (16), 75-101. Indexed: Scielo, Latindex. PDF

• “Latin American populism: a comparative perspective” (Spanish). In Ciencias Sociales Online, 3(3), 71-95. Indexed: DOAJ, Latindex. PDF


Historia Social de los Teatros en Chile. Melipilla en el siglo XX. Santiago de Chile: Chancacazo Publicaciones. 322 pages, 1.000 copies. Co-author: J. Saavedra. PDF

Book chapter

“Entender los teatros de pueblo en el siglo XX: posibles lecciones para los centros culturales del siglo XXI”, en Yáñez, Rucker and Valenzuela (eds.), La gestión cultural desde América Latina. Formación e investigación. Referencias y retos del campo disciplinar. Santiago de Chile: EGAC. Co-author: J. Saavedra. PDF

Book reviews (2)

• “Kirk A. Hawkins, Venezuela’s Chavismo and Populism in Comparative Perspective” (Spanish). In Revista de ciencia política, 31(2), 311-316. PDF
• “Peronism, varguism and Theory of Political Discourse” (A. Groppo, “The Two Princes. Juan D. Perón and Getulio Vargas. A Comparative Study of Latin America Populism”. EDUVIM: Córdoba, Argentina, 2009, 479 pages) (Spanish). In Studia Politicæ, (23), 147-152. PDF

PhD Thesis

Populism. A comparative and historical analysis of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela (Spanish). Complutense University of Madrid. Supervisor: Carlos Cousiño (Catholic University of Chile). Co-supervisor: Ismael Crespo (University of Murcia) – Not published. PDF

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